For too long, teaching has been an isolated, one-size-fits-all job that requires each educator to “do it all.” Teachers and students deserve better.

It’s time to reimagine the teaching role.

Teaching should be a dynamic, rewarding, collaborative, sustainable, and diverse profession—one with educators who are set up to have the greatest positive impact on their students’ learning and well-being. Realizing this vision would fundamentally change teacher experiences and student outcomes.

It’s going to take bold leadership, authentic collaboration, and a willingness to challenge long-held assumptions about how people, time, and money are organized in our schools. Innovative schools and districts are already leading the way, leveraging the skills of outstanding, experienced educators to facilitate teams of educators, shape the vision for their schools, and much more.

Let’s invest in our country’s educators, reimagine the teaching role, and create better experiences for students and teachers together.

The Teaching Role Should Be...

The teaching job should be dynamic, rewarding, collaborative, sustainable, and diverse.

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The Coalition to Reimagine the Teaching Role is dedicated to improving the foundational systems and structures that define teaching and learning in most American schools today. We’re working to advance strategies, policies, and practices that will make the teaching pofession more dynamic, rewarding, collaborative, sustainable, and diverse, enabling all educators to have the greatest positive impact on student learning and well-being.

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